My name is Ken Arnold.  My Inspiration for art came at an early age projected from from my mother and older brother.  My brother Dan soon began to progress quickly as I strove to keep up.

Throughout my school career from middle school, high school, and college, art was my major and my passion.  My first art related job was at a privately owned silk screening company.  I learned a lot but was lacking that satisfactory sensation of self fulfillment.  Being shoved through the work field, I never found another art related job.

Carpentry and other repair related jobs soon became my go-to career. As years went by, my body begin to fail me as I had beaten it into he ground.  I was at a low point in my life as I faced reality knowing my options were scare.  How would I provide for my family as I had in the past?

I spend months searching for work that I could physically handle. I was so frustrated. Then I began contemplate “tattooing.”  Hmmm…?  I had never thought of that before….EVER!   Everyone was getting them!  I was now researching Tattoo Schools and a lot weren't showing up.  Then I found one in Albany, NY.  I began to pursue it with a new fire in me.  Awhile later, I was in.  A two week course covering the fundamentals and I was blessed with a wonderful teacher.   At the end of the course, I passed with high honors and about twenty tattoos under my belt.  What a positive experience!

I was told by Lisa Fausalo (my teacher in Albany) that an apprenticeship was the usual process to advance further.  I knew that apprenticeships could be lengthly and costly.  So I began to start the process.  I stopped at a shop in Rome with some of my artwork and didn't get a great vibe.  I spoke with the owner in a tiny small shop for awhile then left.  Not feeling overly appeased, I then made a second stop to Twitted Ink.  I spoke with two apprentices as the owner was busy with a client.  I was told that the owner was accepting apprentices.  I left my artwork in hopes that this mystery owner would find time to look at my work.  A week or so had passed and I decided to stop in.  I finally met the owner, Adam Moore, and we spoke for a bit and shortly after I began my apprenticeship.

Time passed and having seen how the field operated and all that was entailed. I realized that this was no duck walk.  Not when your being taught the “right” way!”  

So here I am in my final stages of apprenticeship.  Times goes on as does my eagerness, ambition, and..learning.  Always something new to learn.  The day of reckoning is at hand.